Mr Edward Bulwer Lytton DICKENS (1852 - 1902)**

  • Date of Birth: 01/01/1852
  • Place of Birth: England
  • Date of Death: 23/01/1902
  • Place of Death: Moree, New South Wales, Australia

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly13 Feb 188925 Jun 18945yr(s) 4mth(s) 13day(s)
Member for Wilcannia13 Feb 18896 Jun 18912yr(s) 3mth(s) 25day(s)
14th (1889 - 1891)
Member for Wilcannia20 Jun 189125 Jun 18943yr(s) 6day(s)
15th (1891 - 1894)
Broken Hill Water Supply Bill Committee No.810 Apr 188910 Jul 18893mths 1day
14th (1889 - 1891)
Silverton Tramway Extension Bill Committee No.166 Jun 188910 Oct 18894mths 5days
14th (1889 - 1891)
Broken Hill and Pinnacles Tramway Bill Committee No.163 Jun 189020 Dec 18906mths 18days
14th (1889 - 1891)
Library Committee No.328 Jul 18911 Apr 18928mths 5days
15th (1891 - 1894)
Application for a Free Pass made by Mr Black, MP Committee No.2717 Dec 189121 Mar 18923mths 5days
15th (1891 - 1894)
Broken Hill Water Supply Act Amendment Bill Committee No.321 Feb 189217 Feb 189217days
15th (1891 - 1894)
Library Committee No.65 Oct 189218 Oct 189214days
15th (1891 - 1894)
Menindie Irrigation Bill Committee No.2123 Feb 189322 Mar 189328days
15th (1891 - 1894)
Library Committee No.427 Sep 18938 Dec 18932mths 12days
15th (1891 - 1894)
Library Committee No.423 Jan 189411 Jun 18944mths 20days
16th (1894 - 1895)

Qualifications, occupations and interests

Mason and stationholder. Educated at Tunbridge Wells in Kent, at a private school of Reverend W. C Sawyer, later bishop of Armidale and Grafton. Attended lectures at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Arrived in Australia in 1869. Worked at Momba station near Wilcannia; bought shares in Yanda station near Bourke, but lost heavily through bad seasons. Appointed government inspector of runs in the Bourke District in 1886.

Local Government Activity

Alderman of Bourke Council.


Son of Charles Dickens, English novelist. Married Constance Desailly in 1880.

Additional Information