Lane Cove Electorate

Following the recent elections, there will be some delay before this section is updated. The Parliament must wait to receive formal notice before publishing Members' details. In the interim, the NSW Electoral Commission website will have up to date information on the state of counting in each electorate, and announcement of the winning candidate when the poll is declared.

  • Ministers profiles are updated - after those ministers are sworn in by the Governor. Office addresses and contact telephone numbers are listed on this site only after the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet formally provides that information to the Parliament.
  • Members profiles are updated - after the Parliament receives notice that the writ announcing the winning candidate has been returned to the Governor. Contact telephone numbers and electorate office addresses for members in new electorates are listed on this site only after the members concerned provide their details to the Parliament.
Lane Cove Electorate

Contact Details

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Lane Cove Electorate Office

Ministerial Office

A Lane Cove Electorate Office
Level 3 Suite 302
230 Victoria Road
A The Hon. Anthony Roberts, MP
52 Martin Place
Postal The Hon. Anthony Roberts, MP
GPO Box 5341
P (02) 9817 4757 P (02) 8574 5600
F (02) 9817 5885 F (02) 9339 5544
E E Contact the Minister for Resources and Energy, and Special Minister of State

Parliamentary Committees: Member of the Public Accounts Committee.