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    Motion by the Hon. SHAOQUETT MOSELMANE agreed to:

        1. That this House notes that:
            (a) Mr Joseph George Khoury arrived in Sydney Australia in 1970 as a migrant from North Lebanon,

            (b) on 23 April 1970, Mr Khoury and others established El Telegraph Arabic newspaper,

            (c) Mr Khoury was also a shareholder in Media Press, a printing company established which published many ethnic newspapers,

            (d) 16 years later, Mr Joseph Khoury left El Telegraph and established his own newspaper called Al Bairak,

            (e) after several years Mr Khoury established Al Mestaqbal (The Future) Lebanese Arabic newspaper,

            (f) since his arrival to Sydney, Mr Joseph Khoury has been an active member of the Australian and Lebanese-Arabic communities, such as establishing a charity committee for his own village known as Ardeh Charitable Association,

            (g) Mr Khoury was President of the Sydney branch of the World Lebanese Cultural Union, President of The World Lebanese Cultural Union Geographic Australia and New Zealand and founder of the Maronite Catholic Society in Australia,

            (h) Mr Khoury is now the Director of the Miss Lebanon Australia Charitable Association,

            (i) Mr Khoury has received many State Government awards, such as from the Ministry for Police, the Taxation Office and the Department of Fair Trading, and Mr Khoury was also a recipient of awards from the Consulate General of Lebanon, the Australian Lebanese Association, the NSW Consumer Protection Award, the Bayt Al-Zakat Australia Award, the Leukaemia Foundation Award, the Maronite Catholic Society Award and the Zghorta Association, and

            (j) Mr Khoury was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his services to the community.
          2. That this House notes Mr Khoury's distinguished achievements and wishes him well in his future endeavours.