Kemps Creek Radioactive Waste Site

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The Hon. LUKE FOLEY: I direct a question to the Minister for Finance and Services. Is the Minister's insistence on dumping radioactive waste from Hunters Hill in Kemps Creek merely an exercise in targeting a factional enemy, namely, the member for Mulgoa?

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: The member for Mulgoa, a sensational member, got rid of a useless Labor member. She got rid of a completely useless member of the Labor Party. That is what the member for Mulgoa did.

The Hon. Luke Foley: Point of order: The Minister for Finance and Services is misleading the House. The former member for Mulgoa retired. The Minister obviously does not know that and he ought to withdraw his misleading comments.

The PRESIDENT: Order! There is no point of order.

The Hon. Dr Peter Phelps: She threw in the towel.

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: That is right; she retired when she heard that Tanya Davies would be running against her.

The Hon. Dr Peter Phelps: She ran a mile.

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: The former member for Mulgoa ran a mile. She chickened out, just as a bunch of others chickened out before the last election. They were not game to face the election. However, the Hon. Steve Whan, to his credit, did not chicken out. He took his medicine, unlike Diane Beamer who chickened out when she heard that Tanya Davies was running against her. Tanya Davies is a great local member.

The Hon. Luke Foley: Why are you dumping radioactive waste on her and making her a oncer? Why are you doing that?

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: The Leader of the Opposition, as usual, is saying anything he likes just to try to create a scare campaign. Let me put on the record the facts relating to the matter that he is talking about. The site at Nelson Parade, Hunters Hill, was used by a private company—the Radium Hill Company—to process uranium ore in the early part of last century. Some of the waste from this process remains onsite and contains some residual radiological material. The original polluter, the Radium Hill Company, no longer exists so the former Government purchased the properties at Nos 7, 9 and 11 Nelson Parade, and the State Property Authority began to manage the process and is still managing the process. But, just like Diane Beamer, the former Government ran away from dealing with the problem. Members of the former Government ran away like a bunch of cowards because they were not prepared to face up to the problem.

Since I have been the Minister the State Property Authority has been actively investigating the disposal of waste to determine the most appropriate option. Faced with this difficulty the gutless former Government ran away from the problem. From the information provided by the authority on investigations undertaken by the previous Labor Government, Kemps Creek was determined to be the most appropriate site to dispose of the waste. That occurred under the former Government which comprised a mob of cowardly mugs. Where is Eric? Under the former Treasurer it was determined that Kemps Creek was the appropriate place in which to dispose of the waste. Instead of acting on the advice the former cowardly Labor Government ran away. [Time expired.]

The Hon. LUKE FOLEY: I ask a supplementary question. Channel 7 has asked for more footage of this bloke. Could the Minister elucidate his answer?

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: I am pleased to do so. Under the former Government—that cowardly bunch opposite—the waste was left at Hunters Hill which cost the taxpayers of New South Wales hundreds of thousands—

The Hon. Peter Primrose: Look at the camera.

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: The former President, the Hon. Peter Primrose, never appeared on television. He did not even appear in the background of a single television clip. When the Liberal-Nationals Coalition formed government it received advice that disposal of the waste at Kemps Creek was the only option available.

The PRESIDENT: Order! There is far too much interjection. I cannot hear the Minister's answer.

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: In light of community concern I commenced a review of all available options. Rest assured this Government will leave no stone unturned. We might even discover the Leader of the Opposition under one of those stones. A decision is expected in the future. I am pleased to inform the House that the Leader of the Opposition is showing interest in a number of things. I notice that he will be addressing the Thirroul branch of the Australian Labor Party at its annual dinner on 29 October, which is having trouble getting people to attend.

I want everybody to know that the contact person is Chris Lacey who can be reached on 0409-044-487. Believe it or not, Chris Lacey is also my assistant adviser on matters in the Illawarra. Whenever I have questions relating to the Illawarra I ring that number to try to obtain advice but I can never get through because so many people are trying to get tickets to the annual dinner of the Thirroul branch of the Labor Party to hear the address of the Leader of the Opposition. I will have to get Chris Lacey to change his telephone number as it is being used to collect people—

The Hon. Luke Foley: You just put it on the public record. He will thank you for that.

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: Absolutely. I want people to go because clearly the Thirroul branch is having trouble filling the 80 seats that are available. [Time expired.]