First Home Buyers

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The Hon. ADAM SEARLE: My question is directed to the Minister for Finance and Services, representing the Treasurer. What does the Treasurer say to the 95,000 young families that will pay up to $20,000 more to buy their first home to fund the Government's big business subsidies and cash payments to move people across the street?

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: I thank the Deputy Leader of the Opposition for his question. Usually his questions have some thought behind them.

The Hon. Duncan Gay: I think finally they have a question time committee and someone else wrote the question.

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: Do you think they have a question time committee and someone else wrote that question? The Deputy Leader of the Opposition will have to learn not to take questions that are fed to him by someone else. He is a good barrister; he should know that.

The PRESIDENT: Order! The Deputy Leader of the Government will come to order.

The Hon. GREG PEARCE: Members opposite might not have noticed that we were elected with a thumping majority to go about fixing the problems that they created over 16 years in government. Those problems are so diverse that to fix them it is taking a team of incredibly hardworking Ministers, backbenchers, parliamentary secretaries, staff and public servants, who have been freed from the intimidation of Labor. One of the key problems facing the State—and there are many—is that the former Labor Government drove down new home construction to the lowest level in 30 years. People in New South Wales can no longer afford to buy a home and developers are not building homes.
    Therefore, we have introduced a number of policies designed to encourage the construction of new homes. We are conducting a review of the planning system; we have introduced various policies to assist in home ownership, including the regional relocation grants; we have expanded the empty-nester policy; and we are now targeting the first home buyers policy on new homes. We want to ensure that we focus on building and delivering new homes for the people of New South Wales.