Fox and Wild Dog Bounties

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SpeakersBorsak The Hon Robert; Gay The Hon Duncan
BusinessQuestions Without Notice, QWN

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The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: On 5 May 2011 the Hon. Robert Borsak asked me, in my capacity as representing the Minister for Primary Industries and Minister for Small Business, a question about fox and wild dog bounties. The Minister for Primary Industries and Minister for Small Business has provided the following response:
      Yes, we are aware of it, and I concur that the fox is a serious pest in both urban and rural NSW.

      However, the NSW Government is not considering a similar scheme, due to the deficiencies previously identified with this method of pest control. An evaluation of the 2002 Victorian fox bounty trial conducted by the Victorian Institute of Animal Science Vertebrate Pest Research Department found that; bounties had no. effective impact on fox numbers; utilised valuable resources which could be better spent elsewhere, and had a number of serious inherent problems. The Victorian Department recommended that bounties not be continued.