Delta Electricity and Hydro Aluminium

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SpeakersPresident; Parker The Hon Robyn; Roozendaal The Hon Eric
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The Hon. ROBYN PARKER: My question is directed to the Treasurer. I refer to his admission yesterday when he said, "Indeed, directives have been given in relation to Delta. We are in the middle of the transaction", and his subsequent denial yesterday when he said, "For the benefit of the House I would like to clarify that at no time before or during the energy transaction process have I or any member of the staff issued a direction to Delta relating to its contract with the Kurri Kurri smelter." Will the Treasurer confirm what his Government's actual involvement has been in the breakdown of negotiations? Will he explain to the 800 workers of Hydro Aluminium and the estimated 2,500 Hunter residents whose livelihoods are dependent on the smelter why, because of the actions of the New South Wales Government, their futures now are uncertain?

The Hon. Luke Foley: Point of order: The question is out of order. It contains significant argument.

The Hon. Duncan Gay: To the point of order: I contend that there is no argument. It is simply the statement of two facts: the Minister gave two entirely different answers. The first was in response to the question and the second was supplementary information given at the conclusion of question time, which entirely contradicted his first answer. That is a statement of fact rather than an argument.

The Hon. Greg Donnelly: To the point of order: The imputation in the last part of the question is the problem.
    The Hon. Michael Gallacher: What about the font? Are you not happy with the font?

    The PRESIDENT: Order! I will place the Leader of the Opposition on a call to order if he continues to behave in that manner. I will allow the question.

    The Hon. ERIC ROOZENDAAL: I refer the member to my previous answer.

    The Hon. Duncan Gay: Point of order: There was not a previous answer to this.

    The PRESIDENT: Order! There is no point of order.