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The Hon. DAVID CLARKE: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Transport. Does the Minister recall telling the Penrith press in relation to the Metropolitan Transport Plan, "It is a fully financed plan for 10 years and we expect to see the work completed on the designated lines in six or seven years' time"? What rail lines was the Minister referring to when he said that work would be completed in six or seven years?


The Hon. JOHN ROBERTSON: The Hon. David Clarke is not a local. He does not live in Penrith.

The Hon. Marie Ficarra: He spends a lot of time there.

      The Hon. JOHN ROBERTSON: His tentacles are everywhere—there is no question about that. Just the other day I was reading in the paper about his tentacles. Last Friday I had the opportunity to address the Penrith Chamber of Commerce. I also spent time chatting with the Labor candidate, John Thain, who is a great candidate for Penrith. We talked about transport solutions and I talked about a fully funded, 10-year, $50.2 billion Metropolitan Transport Plan—a transport plan that ensures that we maintain the State's triple-A credit rating and, at the same time, deliver on these plans. The lines I was talking about and the issues that I was talking about are already underway, such as the turn back programs and western Sydney express lines. The work is being done now and, for the first time, a government is committed, through that plan, to a 10-year fully funded plan.
We have a fully funded plan; the Opposition has nothing. I do not hear anybody from the other side talk about transport. What I hear is nitpicking about transport but nothing on offer when it comes to a transport plan. We have a plan that is fully funded and is delivering turn backs, is setting up clearways, is delivering on rail carriages, is delivering on buses and is delivering for the people of New South Wales.

      The Hon. DAVID CLARKE: I ask the Minister for Transport a supplementary question. Will the Minister elucidate on which lines will be completed in six or seven years time?

      The Hon. JOHN ROBERTSON: Let us start with the Cronulla duplication line. It is completed and is already available and delivering rail services now—never mind six or seven years. The Cronulla duplication line has been delivered now. The Epping to Chatswood rail line is operational now and delivering extra—

      The Hon. Michael Gallacher: But you were talking about the future not the past.

The Hon. JOHN ROBERTSON: I will answer the question. I am just telling members what has already been done. We are delivering right now when it comes to rail services.

The PRESIDENT: Order! If members of the Opposition do not stop interjecting, I will place them all on a call to order.

      The Hon. JOHN ROBERTSON: We are delivering clearway projects. Lidcombe turn back is under construction right now and will be completed in that time. Also, the Homebush turn back, the Kingsgrove to Revesby quadruplication, the Richmond line duplication, the Macarthur station upgrade, the Liverpool turn back and south-west rail line are being built right now. Those are the lines that we are delivering.