Cobbora Coalmine Tender Process and Retail Electricity Prices

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SpeakersGay The Hon Duncan; Roozendaal The Hon Eric
BusinessQuestions Without Notice, QWN

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The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: My question without notice is directed to the Treasurer. Is the Treasurer aware that a New South Wales Treasury spokesman was quoted in the Australian Financial Review of 24 May as saying that the tender process for the operation of the Cobbora coalmine was "well advanced"? Will the development of the Cobbora coal resource result in higher coal costs for New South Wales electricity generators? Has the Treasurer received any advice on the impact of higher coal costs on retail electricity prices, or on whether higher coal costs will have an impact on possible proceeds from the Gentrader sale?

      The Hon. ERIC ROOZENDAAL: The tender process in relation to Cobbora is well progressed. It is an important part of the energy reform strategy for the people of New South Wales. The energy reform strategy is to ensure that we have future generation capacity for the State, and to ensure that the cost of future generation is borne by the private sector, to the benefit of the people of New South Wales.