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SpeakersNile Reverend The Hon Fred; Hatzistergos The Hon John
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Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE: I address my question without notice to the Attorney General. Is the Attorney General aware that convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson was recently photographed on Coogee Beach in a swimsuit, mere metres from several unsuspecting children? In light of Mr Ferguson's defiant mindset, his alleged plans to sue the State and the people of New South Wales for discrimination and his lodgement of complaint with the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, what is the response of the Government to this deliberate, staged provocation? Did Mr Ferguson advise the New South Wales Police Force that he would be on Coogee Beach near children? If he did not, what action will the Attorney General take?

The Hon. JOHN HATZISTERGOS: I thank the honourable member for his question. The member would be aware that Mr Ferguson is registered on the National Child Protection Register, an initiative started by the New South Wales Government. Under the reporting requirements of that register, the police have been aware of Mr Ferguson's presence since his move from Queensland and they continue to monitor him. The member has also raised some issues about prospective legal proceedings that may or may not be brought. The Government will deal with those if and when they are manifested.

As to the issue of the United Nations, beyond a media report I am not aware of the substance of any claim that Mr Ferguson has made. It is not unusual for persons who find themselves in a position of grievance against a government authority, and having maintained that position, to go to external bodies to obtain some redress. Normally in those circumstances the State and Federal governments work cooperatively to deal with any issues arising in the United Nations or any other international body.

Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE: I ask a supplementary question. Will the Attorney General answer the main thrust of my question concerning the appearance of Mr Ferguson at Coogee Beach near children?

The Hon. JOHN HATZISTERGOS: I have answered that question by indicating that Mr Ferguson is on the National Child Protection Register and is continually monitored by the police.