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Ms LEE RHIANNON [5.32 p.m.]: On 18 February this year Craig Smith, Director of Court Services, put out a draft memorandum to staff. In the memorandum he talks about the need to reduce staff numbers in Local Courts. He stated:
      We do not have sufficient funds to fill all established positions. We need to carry approximately 55 positions vacant at all times. This does not include temporary vacancies for staff on paid leave.
When the final memorandum came out on 20 February 2008 that paragraph had been deleted. The omission of that paragraph seems to confirm that the failure to fill positions is a deliberate strategy of running the organisation below establishment, which is the staffing complement needed to provide the services that Treasury is funding. This is a matter of concern and the Attorney General must explain it.

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Question—That this House do now adjourn—put and resolved in the affirmative.

Motion agreed to.
The House adjourned at 5.33 p.m. until Tuesday 17 June 2008 at 2.30 p.m.