South Coast Correctional Centre Access Roads

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SpeakersHarwin The Hon Don; Roozendaal The Hon Eric
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The Hon. DON HARWIN: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Roads, and Minister for Commerce. Why is it that on the one hand the State Budget has allocated significant funds to commence the construction of a new 500-bed correctional centre at Nowra but, on the other hand, the Government has failed to provide any funds in the 2008-09 Roads and Traffic Authority budget to secure proper access to the correctional centre from the Princes Highway through the building of a roundabout at Warra Warra Road? Does this mean that during the busy construction phase vehicular access will be via Central Avenue, overloading an already overloaded roundabout and disrupting residents and business owners? Is this not just another example of the Government's incapacity to deliver infrastructure in a timely and coordinated fashion? Will the Minister review the decision and fund the expedited construction of an appropriate access road to the new correctional centre?

The Hon. ERIC ROOZENDAAL: This year $144 million will be invested on the continuing upgrade of the Princes Highway and $124.5 million will be spent on major road infrastructure projects such as the Northern Distributor extension and the Oak Flats to Dunmore upgrade. That is real money being invested this financial year to upgrade these important pieces of road infrastructure. We will also start on the $31 million Lawrence Hargrave Drive intersection upgrade, and work will finish on the $40 million Kiama ramps project.


The Hon. Don Harwin may not care, but the people on the South Coast care about these important projects. That is the difference: this Government is about delivering infrastructure to the people of New South Wales. What is your tiny little obsession, Don? Key Princes Highway projects in the 2008-09 budget include $45 million to continue the Oak Flats to Dunmore upgrade to dual carriageway; $35 million to continue the Northern Distributor extension; $20 million in joint State-Federal funds to continue construction of the Conjola Mountain realignment project; $11.8 million to complete the joint State- Federal Princes Highway South Nowra safety upgrade, with an additional $4.5 million in State funding to extend the project to Jervis Bay Road.

The Department of Corrective Services has been working in cooperation with the Roads and Traffic Authority on access to the new South Coast Correctional Centre. I am advised that owing to a proposed upgrade to the Princes Highway it is not practicable for access to the new correctional centre to be established via the highway. I understand that an alternative route has been selected as the most practicable. I am advised that the Department of Commerce conducted traffic impact assessments on behalf of the Department of Corrective Services so the full impact of the proposal on local residents' traffic levels could be ascertained.