Milton Orkopoulos Parliamentary Superannuation

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SubjectsMembers of Parliament: Salaries Pensions and Allowances
SpeakersGallacher The Hon Michael; Della Bosca The Hon John
BusinessQuestions Without Notice
Commentary Question answered by John Della Bosca 16 November 2006

Page: 4124

    The Hon. MICHAEL GALLACHER: My question without notice is directed to the Leader of the Government. Can the Minister indicate to the House whether the former member for Swansea, Milton Orkopoulos, has already been granted his parliamentary pension?

    The Hon. JOHN DELLA BOSCA: I am not able to provide the Leader of the Opposition with an answer to that question. I will seek further advice. Why would I be aware of that? I am not a member of the Parliamentary Superannuation Trust; indeed, there are Opposition nominees on that body.