Yarranbah Cap and Pipe the Bores Scheme

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SubjectsWater; State Funding
SpeakersColless The Hon Rick; Macdonald The Hon Ian
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    The Hon. RICK COLLESS: My question is directed to the Minister for Natural Resources. Why have landholders on the Yarranbah Cap and Pipe the Bores Scheme been lied to by his department? The landholders were promised in June, following a forced mediation, that the sum of $1 million would be placed in an interest bearing account to assist them in their program, which was delayed by his department with a cost blow out of more than $1 million. Why has the money not been paid as it is now October, some four months after the event?

    The Hon. IAN MACDONALD: I am sure the Department of Natural Resources has not lied to anyone. I believe the honourable member will find that there were a series of issues that needed to be addressed in this mediation?

    The Hon. Duncan Gay: Will you follow up on this?

    The Hon. IAN MACDONALD: I am quite happy to follow up on this issue. But for the honourable member to suggest that the department has lied is grossly inflammatory, inaccurate and misleading. I hope that he uses better language in future.