Department of Housing Fairfield Office Lease

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SubjectsRental Accommodation; Department of Housing; Buildings
SpeakersActing-President; Pavey The Hon Melinda; Della Bosca The Hon John
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    The Hon. MELINDA PAVEY: My question is directed to the Minister for Commerce. Will the Minister reveal the exact amount of rent paid for Department of Housing offices in Hamilton Road and The Horsley Drive? What is the total area leased by the department in each building, the start dates, rent-free periods and the last day on which rent was paid on Hamilton Road? Will the Minister now answer the Coalition's previous questions: Who signed the formal instruction that the Department of Housing was abandoning the Hamilton Road premises? Will the Minister provide copies of all documentation surrounding the deal? Who is the Minister protecting by keeping this information secret?

    The ACTING-PRESIDENT: Order! Government members will cease interjecting.

    The Hon. JOHN DELLA BOSCA: Again the fundamental assumptions contained in the honourable member's question are simply wrong. The use of the colourful word "deal" infers something that is not alleged and has not taken place.

    The Hon. Duncan Gay: You will not answer so we do not know.

    The Hon. JOHN DELLA BOSCA: Do not interrupt my train of thought. You cannot win that way. That is not fair.

    The Hon. Michael Gallacher: You're just making this up as you go along.

    The Hon. JOHN DELLA BOSCA: I am answering the question. The Hon. Melinda Pavey made it up her question as she went along. The suggestion in the honourable member's question that there is some sort of deal to be exposed or covered up is simply wrong. In relation to the second inference in the honourable member's question, that any member of this Chamber or the other Chamber is not prepared to disclose the relevant matters being asked—and I have provided answers to those that I can—I will undertake to get answers to the remaining matters. As I recall similar questions have been asked in the past two days to which honourable members will get answers in good time and in quite short order compared to the time it takes the Hon. John Ryan to forward onto the Minister correspondence about disability. With regard to the suggestion of the Hon. Melinda Pavey that we should be concerned that matters have not been dealt with properly, I refer her to my previous answers. I will answer all the questions that have been put on notice, as is my practise, in good time.