Graythwaite Estate, North Sydney

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SubjectsPlanning and Development; Government Owned Premises
SpeakersHale Ms Sylvia; Hatzistergos The Hon John
BusinessQuestions Without Notice
Commentary Further answer given to question asked earlier in question time by Sylvia Hale

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    The Hon. JOHN HATZISTERGOS: During question time the Hon. Sylvia Hale asked me a question about Graythwaite Estate. Graythwaite is held under a trust, which prescribes its use as being for the care and convalescence of aged people. I am advised that the building is no longer suitable for that purpose and soon will not meet Commonwealth accreditation standards. The North Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service is looking at options for continuing to achieve the aim of the trust, which is caring for the aged. The area health service is preparing a Cy-Pres Scheme application to take before the Equity Division of the Supreme Court to sever the trust in operation over the land. Should this application be granted, it is likely that the land will be considered for alternative uses through normal government processes. The area health service has been approached by North Sydney Council and other parties about its purchase of the property. These proposals will be considered and a response will be given in due course.

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