Alcoholic Soft Drinks

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SubjectsAlcohol; Food; Youth
SpeakersNile Reverend The Hon Fred; Tebbutt The Hon Carmel
BusinessQuestions Without Notice
Commentary Answered on 4 May 2004 by Carmel Tebbutt

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    Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE: I ask the Minister for Community Services, and Minister for Youth a question without notice. Is it a fact that the Premier has acknowledged that alcohol abuse is a major problem in New South Wales? Is it a fact that the Premier recognises that the introduction of alcohol to youth is often associated with high individual, social and community costs? Therefore, what action is the Government taking to prohibit or ban the sale of the new colourful alcopops, which contain alcohol, that are deliberately marketed to young and vulnerable persons, particularly teenage girls?

    The Hon. CARMEL TEBBUTT: The Government has a broad-ranging approach to support young people and to prevent them from getting caught up in risky behaviour, including the abuse of alcohol. I outlined earlier one aspect of that approach, which is recognising that we need to provide positive opportunities for young people to give them other things to do. Clearly, however, another aspect of the Government's approach is to make sure that inappropriate products are not marketed to young people. I do not have a detailed knowledge of alcopops, and I believe the Minister for Gaming and Racing is the most appropriate Minister to approach for advice on this. I will refer the question to him and get a response as soon as possible for the honourable member.