Honourable Member for Wentworthville and Environmental Resources Management Australia (Holdings

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SubjectsMembers of Parliament; New South Wales Ministry; Aborigines: New South Wales; Environment
SpeakersPresident; Ryan The Hon John; Costa The Hon Michael
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Commentary Environmental Resources Management Australia (Holdings) Pam Allan

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    The Hon. JOHN RYAN: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Transport, representing the Minister Assisting the Minister for Natural Resources (Forests). Has the Minister had any meetings with either his colleague in another place, the honourable member for Wentworthville, or any representative of Environmental Resources Management Australia (Holdings) in his capacity as a Minister of the Crown? If so, what was the purpose of those meetings? When did each of the meetings take place? Who was at each meeting and what matters were discussed?

    The Hon. Michael Egan: Point of order: Today, question time is longer than normal, it will go for 1 hour and 10 minutes. So, the Opposition has decided to recycle the same question several times. To save the time of the House and to enable honourable members to ask questions on a wide variety of important subjects, I suggest that the Government take all those questions on notice and deal with them in globo.

    The PRESIDENT: Order! There is no point of order.

    The Hon. MICHAEL COSTA: I certainly have had meetings with the Hon. Pam Allan, although I cannot be specific as to the dates or subject matter. To the best of my recollection we have not had a meeting on this particular matter.

    The Hon. Michael Gallacher: Which matter?

    The Hon. MICHAEL COSTA: The matter referred to in the question.

    The Hon. Michael Gallacher: There was no matter. Which matter are you talking about?

    The Hon. MICHAEL COSTA: He is back at the police academy, doing cross-examination 101, the old police prosecutor! Where is his telephone book? That is more his style. I will take the question on notice.