Assault Weapons

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SubjectsWeapons; Firearms; Robbery
SpeakersOldfield The Hon David; Hatzistergos The Hon John
BusinessQuestions Without Notice

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    The Hon. DAVID OLDFIELD: My question is addressed to the Minister for Justice, representing the Minister for Police. Is the Minister aware that last night a violent robbery took place at Rose Bay movie land? Is the Minister aware that the intimidating weapon of choice for last night's video thugs was, in fact, golf clubs? Given that we are debating the nonsense of prohibiting the use of certain firearms by legitimate law-abiding licensed shooters and that some are of the mistaken belief that such prohibitions will somehow reduce crime, will the Minister indicate to the House what future plans he may have for golf clubs? Will the Minister at least acknowledge that almost all violent crimes, including murders, are committed with weapons other than the unjustly persecuted firearms of licensed shooters? Will the Minister acknowledge that most murders and other violent crimes, including robberies, involve the use of knives, syringes, blunt instruments, acid, fire, as well as other implements such as, and on more than one occasion, golf clubs?

    The Hon. JOHN HATZISTERGOS: No, no, none, yes, and I do not know.