Handgun Buyback Scheme

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SubjectsFirearms; Compensation
SpeakersRhiannon Ms Lee; Egan The Hon Michael
BusinessQuestions Without Notice
Commentary Answered on 3 July 2003 by Michael Egan

Page: 1431

    Ms LEE RHIANNON: I direct my question without notice to the Treasurer. How much has the Treasurer budgeted for the semiautomatic handgun buyback compensation scheme? What economic model is being used to estimate the cost effectiveness of this scheme? How much is being budgeted for the ongoing costs of the new regulatory regime? Will New South Wales seek additional funds from the Commonwealth?

    The Hon. MICHAEL EGAN: That is a good question but clearly it would have been more appropriately asked on notice because I do not have all those details to hand. I will obtain the details and bring them back to the House.