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    Ms LEE RHIANNON [10.38 p.m.]: On behalf of the Greens I warmly congratulate Jim Johnston and all those associated with the nuclear trailer project on their success. The nuclear trailer travels the State building support for the campaign to stop the construction of Sydney's second nuclear reactor. The trailer campaigners are also calling for the New South Wales Government to pass legislation banning the location of a nuclear dump in this State and to block the transport of nuclear waste. On 12 November the nuclear trailer campaigners took their message to a surf carnival at Avoca Beach. With several hundred surfers and lots of beachgoers at the carnival, the trailer crew found that their leaflets, stickers and information were in strong demand.

    Jim Johnston, one of the trailer campaigners, recently told me that since the South Australian Government passed legislation to ban the location of the nuclear dump in that State and also to restrict the transporting of nuclear waste, the activities of the nuclear trailer project have been stepped up. The nuclear trailer has been to some of the football grand finals and to Canberra for the Senate inquiry. It has been seen around this Parliament cruising up and down Macquarie Street and around to Hospital Road. I hear from Greens councillors who were at the Central Coast Local Government Conference that the trailer was a big hit and did a fantastic job.

    The Greens also plan to step up their actions to make sure New South Wales does not become known as the nuclear State. More and more people are contacting us asking what are the chances of stopping the second nuclear reactor and of adopting legislation similar to that which has been passed in South Australia. The obvious question we are being asked is, if a Liberal government can do it in South Australia, and to a lesser extent in Western Australia, why cannot the Labor governments on the east coast take similar action? That is the question to which we are waiting an answer. We obviously know the Federal Government can override State legislation banning the location of nuclear dumps in a State and the transport of nuclear waste. But what a powerful statement it would be if Labor Premiers found some backbone and enacted their own environmental policies and passed legislation that would ban nuclear dumps and the transport of nuclear waste.