M5 East Single Exhaust Stack

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SpeakersBreen The Hon Peter; Obeid The Hon Eddie
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    The Hon P. J. BREEN: My question is to the Minister for Mineral Resources, and Minister for Fisheries, representing the Minister for Transport, and Minister for Roads. Will the Minister explain his announcement last Friday that according to the Roads and Traffic Authority there is no technology available to filter motor vehicle exhaust emissions in the M5 East Tunnel when a committee of this Parliament has clearly demonstrated that such technology is available and is cheaper than the present exhaust stacks proposal? Does the Minister agree that evidence presented to the parliamentary committee establishes beyond doubt that people living within three kilometres of the exhaust stack will be exposed to unacceptably high health risks, including the risk of asthma and leukaemia? Does the Minister not also know for a fact that work has commenced on the footings for the exhaust stack even though its design has yet to be approved by the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning?

    The Hon. E. M. OBEID: I thank the Hon. P. J. Breen for his question. I will refer it to my colleague in the other place, the Hon. Carl Scully, and seek an answer.