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SpeakersChesterfield-Evans The Hon Dr Arthur; Shaw The Hon Jeffrey
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The Hon. Dr A. CHESTERFIELD-EVANS: I ask the Attorney General, and Minister for Industrial Relations a question without notice. On 13 October I asked about contractors managing WorkCover claims. The Minister answered the Hon. I. Cohen and me on 14 October by stating that managers were licensed rather than contracted, so I was not any wiser. Will the Minister table the fee-for-service management and other payment management systems for subcontracting companies who manage the WorkCover scheme in New South Wales, including the nature of any incentive payments for settlement of claims, as was requested by the Hon. I. Cohen?

The Hon. J. W. SHAW: The honourable member may not have been any the wiser as a result of my answer, but I am sure he was better informed. I reiterate that in regard to information about contractual relationships or licence relationships, or any other legal relationships between the insurers and WorkCover, I would need to consult the parties to the relationship before disclosing that information to members of the public.

I do not personally see any problem in disclosing information, but I believe that as a matter of propriety and courtesy the consultative process should be followed. I do not believe that the Government or WorkCover will be embarrassed in any way, shape or form by the information. The relationships are perfectly proper and are the kinds of relationships that have existed between insurers and WorkCover since 1987. To be repetitious, I do not see any difficulty with it at all, but I would prefer to go through the consultative process to ensure that the disclosure of such information is appropriate.