Hepatitis C Intersectoral Advisory Committee

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SpeakersChesterfield-Evans The Hon Dr Arthur; Egan The Hon Michael
BusinessQuestions Without Notice, Committee


The Hon. Dr A. CHESTERFIELD-EVANS: My question without notice is directed to the Treasurer, representing the Minister for Health. Recommendations 105, 106 and 122 of the report of the Standing Committee on Social Issues concerning the neglected epidemic of the hepatitis C virus recommended the establishment of an intersectoral advisory committee to investigate the role of a drug policy regarding hepatitis C. Will that committee be established? If so, when?

The Hon. M. R. EGAN: I am not conversant with the report referred to by the Hon. Dr A. Chesterfield-Evans, nor with recommendations 105, 106 and 122 contained therein. I will refer the question to my colleague the Minister for Health and obtain a response.