Peter Boys Sentence

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SpeakersTingle The Hon John; Shaw The Hon Jeffrey
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The Hon. J. S. TINGLE: My question without notice is addressed to the Attorney General. Is the Attorney General aware of the case of Peter Boys, the Hunter area music teacher who was convicted of carnal knowledge and sexual assault charges against a number of young female students who were under his control? Does he know that some of these girls were as young as 13 at the time of assault and that the presiding judge described Peter Boys as a predator? Does the Attorney General believe that the sentence of 10 years imprisonment imposed on Boys on 17 April is adequate, given indications during the trial that Boys might have had sexual involvement with as many as 30 young girls and that the offences were committed while he was their teacher? If the Attorney General considers that the sentence is inadequate, will he consider an appeal with a view to a longer and more adequate sentence being imposed?

The Hon. J. W. SHAW: Without reading and considering the transcript of the evidence and proceedings I have no valid or rational view about the sentence imposed. Ordinarily a criminal court would not take into account other matters or incidents that might have occurred. Usually when determining a sentence a criminal court would consider those matters that have been proved to have occurred in accordance with the legal rules of evidence. In response to the honourable member’s question, it is appropriate for me to raise the relevant issues with the Director of Public Prosecutions, who has the statutory responsibility for such matters. I undertake to report back to the honourable member about the conviction and whether any appeal should properly be considered.