Department Of Community Services Executive Restructure

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SpeakersChadwick The Hon Virginia; Dyer The Hon Ron
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The Hon. VIRGINIA CHADWICK: I direct my question without notice to the Minister for Community Services. With regard to his answer to a previous question about the restructure of the department will he confirm whether Ms Sue Chapman has been appointed to his department and designated as Deputy Director-General, Recovery and Change Management? Does the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary suggest that recovery can mean: regain use of, control of, reclaim, return to consciousness, return to a normal state, regain composure and control, retrieve from industrial waste, or to return to a normal position? Will the Minister explain the role of recovery and change management in his department?

The Hon. R. D. DYER: If the Hon. Virginia Chadwick had been listening, she would have heard me say in response to the previous question that indeed Ms Sue Chapman, currently registrar and deputy principal at the University of Sydney, has been appointed as Deputy Director-General, Recovery and Change Management. It is little wonder that the department needs recovery and change following the shameful record of the Hon. Virginia Chadwick in particular. Not only did she preside over mass escapes from the juvenile detention system, which was then the responsibility of the Department of Community Services; she also
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presided over laying waste to the Department of Community Services. She deleted 1,000 positions. She deleted child protection specialist positions. This Government has had to embark on a process of repairing the damage. Well might the Hon. Virginia Chadwick resort to the dictionary to discover what recovery and change management means. It means repairing damage for which she is responsible.