Legislative Council Name Change Proposal

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SpeakersVaughan The Hon Bryan; Egan The Hon Michael
BusinessQuestions Without Notice


The Hon. B. H. VAUGHAN: I direct my question without notice to the Leader of the House. Will the new Government give consideration to changing the antiquated name of this Chamber to the New South Wales Senate?

The Hon. M. R. EGAN: The Hon. B. H. Vaughan and I once used to agree on the proposal for changing the name of the University of Western Sydney to Chifley University, but we have never agreed on changing the name of this Chamber to the Senate. The honourable member is a great advocate for that, and I know that some honourable members opposite want to change the name to the House of Lords. I am quite happy for this House to be known as the Legislative Council of New South Wales - the name it had when it was the first legislative Chamber in Australia. I am a great stickler for tradition.