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The Hon. FRANCA ARENA [9.57]: As this Parliament will soon be facing one or two by-elections, and as by-elections have become a fact of life at State and Federal levels, I should bring to the attention of the House my concern about a political party, the Australians Against Further Immigration Party, which was registered in 1990 under that name. The postal address of the party in Victoria is PO Box 24, Armadale, Victoria, phone number (03) 509.6073, and in New South Wales the postal address is PO Box 500, West Ryde, phone number 427.6837. The registered officer of the party is Mr Rodney Alan Spencer of 22 Armadale Street, Armadale, Victoria. Apparently Mr Spencer is a general practitioner. His party ran candidates at the last Federal election and in recent by-elections for the electorates of Werriwa, Bonython, Mackellar and Warringah. The vote for the party ranged from 4.2 per cent in Werriwa to 13.49 per cent in Warringah. It is not my intention to give these people more publicity than they deserve, but I feel compelled to alert the community - especially the ethnic communities - to the danger these people represent. The vote they obtained must be considered having regard to the fact that these were by-elections. It must be noted also that in some cases the party's candidates were at the top of the tickets and therefore received the donkey votes.

I am concerned that the anti-immigration party is portraying itself as a respectable mainstream political organisation which has at heart the welfare of Australia and the environment. Its policy is to state that everything about immigration is negative; that there are no pluses for Australia in bringing people here from other countries; and that immigration contributes considerably to the national debt. As I have only five minutes in this adjournment debate, I shall not refute those arguments in detail. The advantages of immigration in the short term, and especially in the long term, have been well documented in economic and social studies. The record speaks for itself. Perhaps it will suffice to refer to the various studies undertaken by the Bureau of Immigration and Population Research in this regard.

What concerns people in the community and should concern members of this House are the links between AAFI and extreme right-wing elements, well documented by Andrew Silberberg, a journalist with the Australian Israel Review. He states that the AAFI has close links with the notorious and dangerous League of Rights, which has been described as the most influential, effective, best organised and most substantially financed racist organisation in Australia. The League of Rights is well known for its racist, anti-Semitic views and now we find a connection between that organisation and the AAFI. Denis McCormack, one of AAFI's candidates, is on record as saying that, "continued mass migration is a crime against the nation". Another candidate for the Federal seat of Throsby is on record as saying to the Illawarra Ethnic Community Council as follows:
      My policy on refugees and illegals is to reopen the second Yallah meatworks, creating up to 500 local jobs, and convert them to blood and bone.

I think that says it all. I alert honourable members and all fair-minded Australians to pay special attention to this new organisation, AAFI, which I am sure will prove to be nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing. I believe it is another front for the League of Rights. The fact that the Federal Labor member for Kalgoorlie, Graeme Campbell, should campaign on its behalf only confirms my suspicions that we should all be on guard and monitor closely this new political party.