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SpeakersDyer The Hon Ron; Webster The Hon Robert
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The Hon. R. D. DYER: I ask the Minister for Planning and Minister for Housing whether he intends to appoint Mr Glen Turner, the Liberal Party candidate for the Federal seat of Newcastle, as General Manager of the Hunter Water Corporation. Did Mr Turner resign as chairman of the Hunter Water Corporation on the day he nominated for the seat of Newcastle?

The Hon. R. J. WEBSTER: What an extraordinary question from the Hon. R. D. Dyer. I am sure that he did not write that question because he is a man of integrity. I find the imputations in the question a little disturbing. Glen Turner is a fine man and is the Liberal Party candidate for the Federal seat of Newcastle. My colleague, one of the daughters of the Hunter in this House - and there are other distinguished daughters of the Hunter - has a high opinion of Mr Turner, as I do. He has done a fine job as chairman of the Hunter Water Corporation. Of course, as is proper, upon accepting Liberal Party endorsement for the seat of Newcastle he resigned as chairman of the Hunter Water Corporation. I expect that he will win the seat of Newcastle. Then Allan Morris can apply for the job as general manager of the Hunter Water Corporation; we will see how he goes.

The bottom line is that I do not know who writes these questions for the Hon. R. D. Dyer because he is usually a sensible person. Paul Broad's signature is barely dry on his resignation letter. The Governor appointed him only yesterday to head the Sydney Water Board. The honourable member should know that appointments to government statutory authorities and State-owned corporations are made after the applicants go through the proper selection process. An advertisement is placed in the newspaper and a selection panel is appointed.

The Hon. Franca Arena: Oh yes.

The Hon. R. J. WEBSTER: The Hon. Franca Arena says, "Oh yes". I wish to take some time to explain to the House how Mr Broad was appointed to the Sydney Water Board. That position was
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advertised after the announcement of Mr Wilson's retirement. Many applications were received for the position. The applicants were short-listed and those on the short list appeared before a selection panel. That selection panel consisted of four eminent people - Dick Humphry, head of the Premier's Department; Dame Leonie Kramer; John Curtis, head of the Property Services Group; and Mr John McMurtrie, the new chairman of the board. Those eminent people chose Mr Broad. His appointment was approved by Cabinet and his letter of appointment went to the Governor yesterday. The Hon. R. D. Dyer should not suggest that I would appoint a particular person. Of course, I will not be able to appoint Glen Turner because after Saturday he will be the member for Newcastle. But it would be improper for me to appoint Allan Morris without going through that process, and naturally I will not do that. The honourable member knows that and I think his question was a bit rough. I do not know what the honourable member was getting at. The bottom line is that there is a process which will be followed. We wish Glen Turner all the very best on Saturday.