Benefits For Club Directors

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SpeakersManson The Hon Andrew; Chadwick The Hon Virginia
BusinessQuestions Without Notice


The Hon. A. B. MANSON: I direct my question to the Minister for Education and Youth Affairs, and Minister for Employment and Training, representing the Chief Secretary, and Minister for Administrative Services. Is the Minister aware of the findings published in the latest annual report of the New South Wales Liquor Administration Board regarding the acceptance of personal benefits, including free overseas trips, by some club directors as incentives to buy poker machines for their clubs? When will legislation designed to prohibit such practices be drafted, as proposed by the Liquor Administration Board? Has the Government given consideration to the formulation of a code of conduct specifically for the directors of registered clubs, given that such directors are not remunerated but often make major commercial decisions?

The Hon. VIRGINIA CHADWICK: I seek the indulgence of the honourable member. I am not able to provide him with a detailed response at this time. However, I shall refer the matter to my colleague and obtain a detailed response to the question.