Ballina Shire Council And North Creek

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SpeakersJones The Hon Richard; Webster The Hon Robert
BusinessQuestions Without Notice


The Hon. R. S. L. JONES: I ask the Minister for Planning and Minister for Energy: Is it a fact that the Ballina Shire Council is breaching the terms of the letter of concurrence from the New South Wales Director of Planning, Ms Gabrielle Kibble, on the construction of the North Creek bridge in that the council intends to start construction in April, as opposed to May, as stated in the letter? Does this now mean that the migratory wading birds, including endangered species and those covered by international migratory bird agreements, will be disturbed by the construction beginning in April? What action will the Minister take to ensure that Ballina Shire Council sticks to the letter of concurrence from the Department of Planning?

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The Hon. R. J. WEBSTER: I am unaware of the matter raised by the Hon. R. S. L. Jones. I am aware of the proposal to construct the bridge but I am unaware that Ballina Shire Council is in breach of directions from the Department of Planning. I shall investigate the matters raised by the honourable member and come back with an appropriate answer.