Duck Shooters Random Breath Tests

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SpeakersJones The Hon Richard; Pickering The Hon Edward
BusinessQuestions Without Notice


The Hon. R. S. L. JONES: My question is directed to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services and Vice-President of the Executive Council. Is the Minister aware that in previous years a number of duck shooters have been under the influence of
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alcohol when beginning the shooting of ducks and other wildlife at dawn on the commencement of the season? Will the Minister ensure that police are on hand this year to randomly breath test shooters on the morning of the start of the duck season?

The Hon. E. P. PICKERING: It has not been drawn to my attention that at the beginning of the season duck shooters are inclined to shoot while under the influence of alcohol. Obviously that would be a most unacceptable situation. Indeed, it is an offence in law to be carrying a firearm while under the influence of liquor. I am sure that if the police, who are responsible for enforcing all aspects of the law, were aware that the duck shooters were inclined to become inebriated prior to shooting - which I would not have thought would have improved their aim any - they would take appropriate action.