The Queen's Speech

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The Assembly being in attendance,

Her Majesty was pleased to deliver the following Speech:

Honourable Members of the Legislative Council and Members of the Legislative Assembly -

I am very pleased to be here to open the Second Session of the Fiftieth Parliament of the State of New South Wales.

This is my second opportunity to address this Parliament - a Parliament which I described on the previous occasion, in 1954, as the Mother Parliament of Australia. It is interesting to reflect that that was the first time on which the Sovereign had opened a Session of an Australian Parliament.

I was also on my first visit to Australia as your Queen. I have returned to New South Wales eight times since then and am always delighted by the warm and generous hospitality accorded to Prince Philip and me by the people of this State.

On this occasion I have come to join in commemorating Sydney's first one hundred and fifty years as a city. Earlier today I was delighted to re-open the renovated Town Hall and I look forward to being involved further in your celebrations.

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Events around the world in recent years have shown the strength of people's desire for the freedom to shape their own futures. We have all been witnesses to remarkable change as the people of many nations, with immense courage and determination, have rejected authoritarian rule and embraced democracy.

The best guardian of freedom is democracy, and this Parliament, like all other Parliaments in Australia, stands in the proud tradition of democratic government. Each one of you, therefore, carries the heavy responsibility of representing the aspirations of your fellow Australians and of guarding their freedom.

You assemble at a time when governments in many countries are facing difficult economic circumstances. For some countries, particularly in Europe, the difficulties are intensified as governments strive to put in place political reforms to foster their new-found freedom.

The problems in this country, including large parts of rural New South Wales, have been compounded by severe drought, and, more recently, by flooding. The qualities of the Australian people and the resources of the Australian continent, however, continue to hold abundant promise even in the face of such economic and climatic adversity.

My Government in New South Wales has been a willing partner in the recent efforts among all governments in Australia directed towards developing a more efficient and competitive economy. Through hard work, and in a spirit of co-operation, much has already been achieved.

At the same time, there remain significant challenges which require the attention of my Government and of all members of this Parliament.

My Ministers will later submit to you their legislative proposals for your consideration. I know that you stand ready to bear the burden of your responsibilities, and I pray that your endeavours will further the welfare of New South Wales and its people.

I now leave you to the discharge of your important duties.

Her Majesty, His Royal Highness, members of the Royal Household, and the President, were then conducted to the President's Suite by the Usher of the Black Rod.

On the President resuming the chair, the Assembly then withdrew.