Orica Plant Incident

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Ms LINDA BURNEY: My question is directed to the Minister for the Environment. How can the Minister maintain that the 16-hour delay in Orica informing her department was totally unacceptable but that the subsequent 54-hour delay in the Government alerting the people of Stockton of the presence of hexavalent chromium contamination was appropriate?

The SPEAKER: Order! Members will remain silent. They are making it difficult for the Minister for the Environment to hear the question. Is the Minister happy to answer the question?

Ms ROBYN PARKER: It is all right; I answered this question yesterday. This is just a repeat of the same question. The Opposition does not have any other questions to ask me.

Mr John Robertson: We haven't got any answers yet.

Ms ROBYN PARKER: I will give members opposite the same answer as I gave yesterday, because clearly they have no imagination—

Ms Linda Burney: Point of order: Clearly my point of order is on relevance if the Minister is going to give the same answer as she gave yesterday. This is a different question.

The SPEAKER: Order! The member for Canterbury will resume her seat. I call the member for Canterbury to order. The Minister has the call.

Ms ROBYN PARKER: I gave a detailed time line yesterday. It is unacceptable that Labor's legislation left a 16-hour delay. What is acceptable is that this Government will ensure that it does not happen again. We will put the safeguards in place so that industry has the right requirements, regulators know what to do and the community is consulted. I am not going to use this community to give the Opposition political relevance. That is what this is about: the Opposition is trying to get political relevance and it is using the people of Stockton to do it.