Leisure Company Twenty-first Anniversary

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    Mr DARYL MAGUIRE (Wagga Wagga) [7.14 p.m.]: Last Saturday my wife Maureen and I had the pleasure of attending a black and white ball for the twenty-first anniversary celebration of the Leisure Company. We were accompanied by the Minister for Disability Services, Mr Andrew Constance, who came from Bega. It was a wonderful evening. The committee worked very hard to decorate the hall and provide many raffle prizes and auction items. A huge crowd of people attended and supported such an important service. The Leisure Company provides services for people with a disability. Many of the clients, the participants, are severely disabled. The Leisure Company was formed 21 years ago with the auspice of Kurrajong Waratah, of which I am a proud patron, another organisation that has delivered services for our disabled communities for many years.

    The Leisure Company ensures that participant clients can access workplace programs and activities that we all take for granted. Recently my office participated in a program to provide work experience for young people with a disability. As master of ceremonies at the ball I mentioned the benefits of taking part in such a program, not so much from the point of view of the participants but from the point of view of my staff. My staff look forward everyday for the girls to arrive and work for an hour or two. They do important tasks in my office. Kelly and Helen collect the mail and the papers, as well as filing, and do many errands that we sincerely appreciate. At the ball I tried to encourage other employers to participate in this brilliant scheme. It provides post-school options and workplace experience.

    The auction was conducted by my good friend Richard Allsop, and $12,000 plus was raised from the auction from guests that evening. The money is to be used to provide the Leisure Company a home. A number of years ago, with some help from local communities and friendly bankers, the building it was occupying was purchased. Now because of the service and success of the Leisure Company the building needs renovating. I was pleased to award the Leisure Company some $50,000 to begin construction of a new roof and refurbishment of that building. Another $250,000 is needed to extend the building which I have mentioned to the Minister for Community Services. The plans are to acquire the building next door so that the service can be expanded to support those people in the community who benefit from the service.

    People get a great deal of joy from the Leisure Company. I congratulate all those involved in putting together this important celebratory dinner and successful fundraiser that was well attended. I also acknowledge the sponsors, that is, the people who gave so generously all of the prizes. The caterers donated some of the food and services. It was all very much appreciated. I wish the Leisure Company a very happy twenty-first anniversary and wish it many more.

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