Sessional Orders

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SpeakersAquilina Mr John; Hazzard Mr Brad
BusinessBusiness of the House

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Valedictory Speeches

Mr JOHN AQUILINA (Riverstone—Parliamentary Secretary) [3.22 p.m.], by leave: I move:
      That, during the current session, unless otherwise ordered:

      (1) A motion may be moved without notice, amendment or debate for the business before the House to be interrupted at a specified time, but not so as to interrupt a member speaking, to permit a member to make a valedictory speech without a question being before the House. Any interrupted business shall be resumed on completion of the speech.

      (2) The time limit for valedictory speeches will be 15 minutes with a five-minute extension.

This motion is in accordance with motions moved previously to facilitate members making valedictory speeches at appropriate times over the next two weeks.

Mr BRAD HAZZARD (Wakehurst) [3.23 p.m.]: The Opposition will not oppose this motion. It is obviously appropriate that members be allowed to make their valedictory speeches in the usual way.

Question—That the motion be agreed to—put and resolved in the affirmative.

Motion agreed to.