Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Legislation

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SpeakersO'Farrell Mr Barry; Rees Mr Nathan
BusinessQuestions Without Notice, QWN

Page: 13780

Mr BARRY O'FARRELL: My question is directed to the Premier. How can he claim the Roads and Traffic Authority is not a high-risk industry and therefore will not be included in legislation banning bikie gang members from employment, when, as every licensed driver in the State knows, it has access to the addresses of the State's law enforcement and judicial officers?

Mr NATHAN REES: The preliminary advice to me is that the gentleman in question did not have access to personal details. But the notion that the Roads and Traffic Authority is a high-risk environment is simply absurd. This is an organisation that manages contracts for the construction of roads, manages a licensing regime and a points regime. The proof is in the pudding: The lowest road toll in New South Wales since the war. The member's assertion is patently absurd.