Budget Expenses and Revenue

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Mr BARRY O'FARRELL: My question is directed to the Premier. Given that the budget reveals that expenses will continue to exceed revenue over the next four years, what else will the Government privatise to try to keep the budget in balance?

The SPEAKER: Order! The House will come to order. Members will cease interjecting.

Mr MORRIS IEMMA: I am glad that the Leader of the Opposition asked that question. Prior to the last election he stood up at a press conference and refused to submit his costings under the charter of budget honesty. Let me start with budget honesty. As the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, he had the chance to do that but he told the media that the photocopier had broken down so he could not announce his proposed costings. That was his strategy. The member for Vaucluse was then the front man, but that was the strategy of the then Deputy Leader of the Opposition—$29 billion of unfunded promises. He was going to sack 20,000 public servants, which would have yielded—

Mr Barry O'Farrell: And you wanted to sell off electricity.

The SPEAKER: Order! The Leader of the Opposition will resume his seat.

Mr MORRIS IEMMA: If the Leader of the Opposition wants to talk about retail, he should remind members what he said about retail. Did he say anything about retail prior to the last election? Let us go to the budget. When people had the opportunity to pass judgement he fronted up on the day that he was supposed to 'fess up on budget honesty, under the charter, but he refused to participate. He could not produce any details on the funding gaps of $29 billion and $4 billion. Last time he ran Treasury he could not deliver a budget surplus—between 1988 and 1995, not one. Today, the day that the Government delivered its thirteenth budget with a surplus—13 consecutive surpluses—

The SPEAKER: Order! Members will cease interjecting.

Mr MORRIS IEMMA: The Leader of the Opposition was an adviser to the previous Government, which could not deliver one single surplus. In fact, under the previous Coalition Government debt levels rose to unsustainable levels. Yet today he asked a question about budget management. With that sort of comparison of budget management, no wonder the photocopier broke down.

The SPEAKER: Order! Members will cease calling out.