Karyn Paluzzano Christmas Card Competition 2007

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Mrs KARYN PALUZZANO (Penrith) [5.53 p.m.]: I intended to spend part of my allocated time supporting the member for Baulkham Hills, but as he went over time I will have to get to the point of my contribution. Today I acknowledge and announce the winners of the Karyn Paluzzano Christmas Card Competition for 2007. Once again, students, teachers, principals and parents, and friends of the local Penrith electorate primary schools met at the Penrith International Regatta Centre, an excellent venue, at sunset where they watched rowers train with mountains in the background while they waited for the finalists and winners to be announced. I extend my thanks to Vince Capulato, the new owner of the Regatta Kitchen and Bar Restaurant, which provided one of his famous and wonderfully presented afternoon teas. I wish Vince and his new staff much success in that fine restaurant.

Many schools were represented in this year's competition and I thank the teachers, students and school communities of the following schools: Emu Heights Public School, Leonay Public School, Mary MacKillop Catholic School at South Penrith, Lapstone Public School—a fine school which I attended as a primary school student—Corpus Christi at Cranebrook, Braddock Public School at Cranebrook, Penrith Christian School at Orchard Hills, Emu Plains Public School, St Finbars at Glenbrook, Kingswood Park, Our Lady of the Way at Emu Plains, Kingswood South and Blaxland East. Each school had a finalist, and three schools had winners.

I extend my congratulations to the following students. In stage one, from kindergarten to year 2, whose theme was Christmas in Penrith, the winner was Pauline Inzon from Penrith Christian School. Her entry was a typical Penrith Christmas as she sees it: a tree with presents underneath in lovely yellow. I acknowledge also the finalists: Charlotte Billinghurst from Emu Heights Public School, Grace Major from Leonay Public School, Michael Collins from Mary MacKillop Catholic School, Hannah Grazotis from Lapstone Public School, Hayley Borg from Corpus Christi, Braidyn Jessop from Braddock Public School, Jonathon Head from Penrith Christian School, and Brooke Lane from Emu Plains Public School.

In stage two the winner was Jessica Earl from Emu Heights. The theme was My Favourite Christmas Carol or Story, and Jessica's favourite story was about Santa and his reindeers and the many red and green baubles that appear on a Christmas tree. I commend the stage two finalists: Marlee Caterson from Emu Heights, Paris Selby from St Finbars, Caitlyn Treble also from St Finbars, Brooklyn Dicker from Mary MacKillop, Brooke Micallef from Kingswood Park, Freyja Campbell from Lapstone Public, Tiegan Austin from Braddock, Sarah Mason from Emu Plains, Lauren Cottilli from Our Lady of the Way at Emu Plains and Brinkley Homan from Kingswood South.

The theme for stage three was Christmas in Australia. The winner, Maddison Smith, from Corpus Christi School in Cranebrook, illustrated her card with Ayres Rock in ochre and a blue sky, with Mary, Joseph and Jesus and under the Southern Cross. On top of Joseph's crook is a sulphur-crested cockatoo. A bearded dragon, an echidna, an emu and a kangaroo are featured as the wise animals of Australia. It was a very creative entry. That is the card that I will send to all my parliamentary colleagues.

Mr Chris Hartcher: I look forward to getting it.

Mrs KARYN PALUZZANO: The member for Terrigal looks forward to seeing that card. I commend Maddison Smith from Corpus Christi for her very fine Christmas card. The three winning entries will be distributed as my Christmas cards to those on my extensive list. I thank Aaron Tyers from @print, a local printer, who has printed my cards over many years. He is very creative in his layout and production. I wish all in this House and in the other place a Merry Christmas. I extend the best of the festive season to those working in emergency services at this time of the year. As the Penrith electorate has a World Heritage listed national park, the emergency services can be very busy during the Christmas period. I extend my very best wishes to the Rural Fire Service at the Cox Avenue Command Centre, the State Emergency Service, the fireies at Penrith and Glenbrook, the Penrith Ambulance Service and the Penrith Volunteer Rescue Association.