Death of Sharon Holloway

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SpeakersSpeaker; O'Farrell Mr Barry; Meagher Ms Reba
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Mr BARRY O'FARRELL: My question is directed to the Minister for Health. Will the Minister explain to the Holloway family, who are in the gallery this afternoon and whose 39-year-old daughter Sharon and her unborn son died when taken to Campbelltown Hospital in June this year, why five months on the family still have no answers on how or why she died?

Ms REBA MEAGHER: I extend my sincere condolences to the family and I undertake to seek further information to establish why results are still forthcoming in this matter.


If Opposition members are serious about the plight of this family they have an opportunity to raise this matter with me at any point in time.

Mr Barry O'Farrell: Point of order: My point of order relates to relevance under Standing Order 129. On 16 November you were written to about this matter.

The SPEAKER: Order! The Leader of the Opposition will resume his seat. The Minister for Health has the call.

Ms REBA MEAGHER: I undertake to obtain information about this case and to report back to the House.

The SPEAKER: Order! The House will come to order.