Van Tuong Nguyen Clemency Plea

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SubjectsForeign Affairs; Capital Punishment; Singapore
SpeakersMills Mr John; Hazzard Mr Brad
BusinessBusiness of the House

Page: 19361

    Mr JOHN MILLS (Wallsend) [4.00 p.m.], by leave: I move:

    That this House:

    (1) notes Australia's ongoing and unconditional opposition to the use of the death penalty;

    (2) expresses deep concern regarding the decision of the President of Singapore, on the recommendation of the Singapore Cabinet, to reject clemency for the death sentence which has been imposed on Australian citizen Mr Van Tuong Nguyen;

    (3) notes Mr Van Tuong Nguyen's full confession, his demonstrable remorse for his actions and his full co-operation with Singapore's authorities and the Australian Federal Police;

    (4) respectfully notes the capacity under the Singapore Constitution to grant clemency in rare circumstances and notes that Mr Van Tuong Nguyen's case fits the criteria;

    (5) notes that the United Nations Commission on Human Rights has urged states which still maintain the death penalty not to impose it as a mandatory sentence, or for crimes without lethal or extremely grave consequences; and

    (6) respectfully urges the Singaporean Cabinet to reconsider its decision and show compassion and commute Mr Van Tuong Nguyen's death sentence to a custodial sentence.
    Further, that the House requests Mr Speaker to convey this appeal for clemency to the Government of Singapore through the Singapore High Commission.

    Mr BRAD HAZZARD (Wakehurst) [4.02 p.m.]: I second the motion.

    Motion agreed to.