Lane Cove Tunnel

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SpeakersSpeaker; Berejiklian Ms Gladys; Tripodi Mr Joseph
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    Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: My question is directed to the Minister for Roads. Given that the collapsed ventilation shaft on the Lane Cove tunnel was shifted 65 metres after project approval, can the Minister guarantee that geological testing was done prior to excavation on the new location? If so, when and by whom?

    Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the honourable member for Heathcote to order.

    Mr JOSEPH TRIPODI: Last Wednesday a very serious incident occurred on Epping Road. Above all, I am thankful that nobody was injured and that all residents of the Kerslake unit block got out safely.

    Mr SPEAKER: Order! The Minister has the call.
    Mr JOSEPH TRIPODI: It is too early to say what caused the collapse, but I am pleased that the investigation is well under way. The experts are out there looking at the structural issues and finding the answers. I am pleased also that Thiess John Holland has brought in Emeritus Professor Ted Brown, a world expert in soil and rock mechanics, to review the geotechnical issues associated with the incident. In terms of compensation, the builders of the tunnel have already offered to buy units from residents at pre-collapse market price. I have received advice from the Roads and Traffic Authority that confirms that the community and council were advised about the tunnelling operations.