Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association Twenty-fifth Anniversary

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    Ms MARIE ANDREWS (Peats) [1.09 p.m.]: On Saturday 19 February I had the great pleasure of participating in celebrations commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association. A large gathering of former and current players was in attendance. The first part of the celebrations was in the form of a carnival day commencing at 10.00 a.m. at Lemongrove netball courts at Ettalong Beach. Those festivities concluded at 2.00 p.m. Many former players travelled great distances to be in attendance at Saturday's events. The highlight of the carnival for netball enthusiasts was the presence of Megan Anderson, Australian and Sydney Swifts netball player. Megan has never lost sight of the fact that she began her career in netball through Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association at Lemongrove netball courts. Despite a busy schedule, Megan always endeavours to find time to catch up with mentors and friends in the Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association. It was delightful to see the very young netball players looking up to Megan as their idol in this popular sport.

    Wendy Archer, the President of Netball New South Wales, was in attendance and, during the afternoon, a special presentation of a beautiful vase was made to Margaret Thoms, who has been long associated with the Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association and is the current treasurer. The evening celebrations were held in the new function room of the Everglades Country Club. This was an informal occasion with those in attendance taking the opportunity to catch up with old friends from days gone by. A cake commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary was cut by Doreen Woods, and a number of other people who have had a long association with the netball association assisted Doreen in that task. Doreen Woods was extremely active in the 1960s and 1970s in ensuring that Woy Woy peninsula achieved its own netball association. I gather from conversations during the day that it took a long time, as if often the case, and a concerted campaign to achieve that goal.

    The acquisition of Lemongrove Reserve and having the area converted into netball courts took a lot of time and effort by a small but determined band of persons, mainly women, who knew it could only be a good thing for the area. At long last, Gosford City Council came to the party and acceded to the request that Lemongrove Reserve be used as the base for netball activities on the Woy Woy peninsula. What a great move that has been. Over the years, literally hundreds of youngsters have learned the skills of netball at the hands of dedicated and seasoned players. That tradition is as strong today as it was 25 years ago.

    It was not easy to get Gosford City Council to come on board and have the netball courts located at Lemongrove Reserve. In the latter years there has been a move by proponents of a fast ferry service from Ettalong to Sydney to use the now-bituminised netball courts as a parking area for patrons of the ferry. That move was strongly resisted by the executive and supporters of the Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association and a large number of local residents. After trawling through the archives of Gosford City Council, it was established that the land in question was donated to council with the provision that it be used for recreational purposes. As a former netball player myself and a resident of the Woy Woy peninsula, I am pleased to know that the future of the netball courts is secure, while the fast ferry proposal is still awaiting investment by private financiers.

    Doreen Woods, who travelled from Gerringong to be at the celebrations, informed me that the first Labor member for the newly established seat of Peats, Keith O'Connell, had been very helpful in lobbying for funding of more than $60,000 under the Regional Employment Development [RED] scheme for the construction of an amenities block, which was erected in the reserve for use by the netball association. Honourable members will be aware that the RED scheme, set up by the Whitlam Labor Government, funded numerous much-needed sporting and community facilities across the nation. I pay tribute to all those who were instrumental in setting up the Woy Woy Peninsula Netball Association. I congratulate them on Saturday's festivities. I make special mention of the president, Sharon Bailey, the secretary, Joanne King, and Margaret Thoms, the treasurer.