Mudgee TAFE and Police and Community Youth Club Building Project

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SubjectsYouth; TAFE; Clubs; Police: New South Wales
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    Mr GEORGE SOURIS (Upper Hunter) [11.30 a.m.]: I am pleased to advise the House of a special and successful project in Mudgee. The handover of a four-bedroom, brick-veneer house occurred in Mudgee on Saturday. The house was constructed by 17 pre-apprenticeship building students at Mudgee TAFE college as a joint venture between the college and the Mudgee Police and Community Youth Club [PCYC]. The PCYC was acting more or less as a client of the college, which constructed a house that would ultimately be auctioned, with the net proceeds going to the PCYC. Fortunately, Sue Peterson and Greg Peterson, the honorary treasurer of the PCYC, who are not without means, were able to provide the interim funding required to enable the PCYC to undertake the project. About $350,000 was involved and the project, which was under construction for about six months, has come to fruition with the completion of a very well constructed house. In fact, I had the pleasure of inspecting it on Saturday. It is a four-bedroom house with built-in wardrobes in all the bedrooms and an en suite off the main bedroom. It will be auctioned in late January and the proceeds will cover the temporary finance and provide surplus funds to the PCYC.

    I believe that this is the first time that a TAFE and a PCYC have undertaken a joint venture of this type in the State. It has been so successful that Greg and Sue Peterson have agreed to finance a second building. I understand that it will be a duplex home and that it will be constructed in 2005. Once again a group of pre-apprenticeship students will be involved. Of the 17 students involved in the recent project, 15 have already gained full-time employment in the building industry and the other two have pursued careers in unrelated fields. It has been a wonderful experience for all involved. It is not the first time I have seen pre-apprenticeship students from Mudgee TAFE college construct buildings on behalf of clients. Usually the client has been the Department of Housing and the buildings have been constructed for the community tenancy scheme. The students have also constructed houses, flats and units for the aged hostel in Mudgee. On this occasion, for the first time, the partnership has involved the PCYC.

    I give particular credit to Geoff Hawes and Jason Boxsell, the teachers involved in the project. Geoff has participated in the scheme since its establishment, and I have attended about five handover ceremonies over the years. It is always a great pleasure to acknowledge the involvement of the students and teachers and to inspect the superb buildings they have constructed. I commend this type of partnership project to other areas of New South Wales. It is the only such project that I am aware of that has occurred in my electorate. It sets a good example and provides a template for other TAFE colleges throughout the State. I congratulate all involved, including the many businesses which contributed time and made donations to the project. On the day $5,000 was handed over by Mr Phil Petrie of Mitre 10 on behalf of 40 businesses in the Mudgee area. That is a wonderful result and Mudgee should be proud of it.