Blue Stripe Meats

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SubjectsMeat; Consumer Affairs; Regional Development; Industries Assistance
SpeakersNewell Mr Neville; Campbell Mr David
BusinessQuestions Without Notice

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    Mr NEVILLE NEWELL: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Regional Development. What is the latest information on the new Tamworth company Blue Stripe Meats?

    Mr DAVID CAMPBELL: The honourable member for Tweed is a Country Labor member who is interested in the value-adding opportunities of agricultural products throughout New South Wales. Blue Stripe Meats is a revolutionary new beef processing and packing plant that will produce consumer-friendly specialty meat cuts. The company has spent $3.3 million on its new Tamworth plant, and it expects to employ up to 60 people when it reaches full production. Within the first 18 months of operations Blue Stripe Meats expects to employ 40 people. These are new jobs for Tamworth, and I am proud to report that Blue Stripe Meats received assistance from the State Government in this venture. This assistance was provided through the Regional Business Development Scheme, which is designed to support firms establishing or expanding in regional New South Wales. Around 100 New South Wales companies are assisted through this scheme every year.

    Tamworth City Council also deserves congratulations for its support of this new enterprise, which will have a major positive impact on the local economy. As we speak, Blue Stripe Meats is about to commission its new purpose-built plant, which features state-of-the-art technology designed to produce meat cuts that will please the most demanding consumer. Blue Stripe Meats is leading the way in the transformation of the meat industry. Meat carcasses are cut down using a method called seaming. This method allows Blue Stripe Meats to label individual cuts under appropriate descriptions, such as grill, stir-fry, roast, and even steak sandwich. These names are more relevant to consumers than some traditional cuts such as rump, sirloin, porterhouse, and the like.

    Blue Stripe Meats labels its products according to use, providing a clear guide to buyers. In this way buyers know that the meat they have bought is suitable for the particular dish or meal they want to prepare. Blue Stripe Meats also deploys modern technology in the preparation and packaging of the meat. All products are delivered in individual portions, assuring consistent size and weight. As well as being convenient, these cuts have an extended refrigerated shelf life of up to seven weeks, minimising losses due to spoilage. Blue Stripe Meats products will be delivered by company-owned and independent selected meat retail shops throughout Australia. The company has adopted strategies that will provide it with competitive advantages in the marketplace, both domestically and overseas. Blue Stripe Meats is a highly significant and positive contributor to local, regional and New South Wales economic development.

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