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SpeakersSpeaker; Whelan Mr Paul; Fraser Mr Andrew

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    Mr SPEAKER: Order! I name the honourable member for Coffs Harbour for persistently and wilfully disregarding the authority of the Chair.

    Mr WHELAN (Strathfield—Parliamentary Secretary) [2.52 p.m.]: I move:
        That the honourable member for Coffs Harbour be suspended from the service of the House.

    Mr FRASER (Coffs Harbour) [2.52 p.m.]: What we have seen in this House is the most disgraceful display of bias from you, Mr Speaker, and from the Government. The Hon. Eddie Obeid is under severe attack and is currently undergoing an ICAC investigation for 197 breaches of his pecuniary interests register, which he has altered on a number of occasions, yet we still do not know whether he has given the House the truth.

    Mr SPEAKER: Order! I place the honourable member for Bathurst to two calls to order.

    Mr FRASER: Today the Leader of the Opposition has been impugned by the Minister for Energy and the Minister for Planning—the loony Left of the Labor Party, who want to get into the gutter to try to defend Eddie Obeid, who is well known as the bagman for the Labor Party. He asked for a $1 million pay-out on behalf of the ALP. Ministers of the Government have attended meeting after meeting after meeting in order to try to rake $1 million out of the Canterbury Leagues Club over the Oasis development.

    Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the honourable member for Londonderry to order.

    Mr FRASER: The Government has moved a substantive motion to attack the Leader of the Opposition over his pecuniary interests returns, which were voluntarily altered by him some two years ago. He has complied with the resolution of this House, forced through by the Government yesterday, to provide the documentation. The Minister for Planning, in his grubby, substantive motion, has misled the House and claimed that there was information in the document that said the Leader of the Opposition was taking money for questions. That is a lie. The document is there for all to see. Government members may not like it, but they are liars. They are trying to defend the indefensible. I challenge the Leader of the House, the Premier and the Government to sit the House for the full sittings days that we are entitled to, up until December. Let's see what the ICAC drags out on the Government, Eddie Obeid and the other Ministers who were, and are, involved 100 per cent, as appears in the media on a daily basis.

    We will talk about the Minister for a Public Works and Services, the Minister for Agriculture, the Minister for Health, the Premier and the Minister for Energy. They were all in on the $1 million grab. The Treasurer has $900 million in his election account but he needed another $1 million to throw into the marginal seats. They are grubby and the ICAC will prove it. The ICAC will see that this Government is tainted. On 22 March, whether or not we come back into this House prior to the election, the people of New South Wales will know and understand what a lot of crooks they are. They are crooked. Even with the resources of government they have to go out and money-rake. That is an absolute disgrace.

    This House has absolutely no credence. Today I took a legitimate point of order under Standing Order 82 stating that the Leader of the Opposition had been impugned, yet you, Mr Speaker, said there was no point of order. As soon as I interjected I was placed on one call to order. You then put me on three calls to order. I was then asked to leave the House. Even though this House is being ruled as a Star Chamber and even though the Government has the absolute majority, it still will not allow individual members the freedom to speak. Mr Speaker, your job is one of independence. You have never displayed that and you never will. Have a look at your own decision and how stupid you make this House and this Parliament appear by throwing the standing orders of this Chamber into the trash bin. You have no regard for the individual rights of members. This Government is gone come 22 March.

    Question—That the honourable member for Coffs Harbour be suspended from the service of the House—put.

    The House divided.

    Ayes, 53
    Ms Allan
    Mr Amery
    Ms Andrews
    Mr Aquilina
    Mr Ashton
    Mr Bartlett
    Ms Beamer
    Mr Black
    Mr Brown
    Miss Burton
    Mr Campbell
    Mr Carr
    Mr Collier
    Mr Crittenden
    Mr Debus
    Mr Face
    Mr Gaudry
    Mr Gibson
    Mr Greene
    Mrs Grusovin
    Ms Harrison
    Mr Hickey
    Mr Hunter
    Mr Iemma
    Mr Knowles
    Mrs Lo Po'
    Mr Lynch
    Mr Markham
    Mr Martin
    Mr McManus
    Ms Meagher
    Ms Megarrity
    Mr Mills
    Mr Moss
    Mr Newell
    Ms Nori
    Mr Orkopoulos
    Mr E. T. Page
    Mrs Perry
    Mr Price
    Dr Refshauge
    Ms Saliba
    Mr Scully
    Mr W. D. Smith
    Mr Stewart
    Mr Tripodi
    Mr Watkins
    Mr West
    Mr Whelan
    Mr Woods
    Mr Yeadon
    Mr Anderson
    Mr Thompson

    Noes, 33
    Mr Armstrong
    Mr Brogden
    Mrs Chikarovski
    Mr Collins
    Mr Cull
    Mr Debnam
    Mr George
    Mr Glachan
    Mr Hartcher
    Mr Hazzard
    Ms Hodgkinson
    Mrs Hopwood
    Mr Humpherson
    Dr Kernohan
    Mr Kerr
    Mr Maguire
    Mr Merton
    Mr O'Farrell
    Mr D. L. Page
    Mr Piccoli
    Mr Richardson
    Mr Rozzoli
    Ms Seaton
    Mrs Skinner
    Mr Slack-Smith
    Mr Souris
    Mr Stoner
    Mr Tink
    Mr J. H. Turner
    Mr R. W. Turner
    Mr Webb

    Mr Fraser
    Mr R. H. L. Smith
    Question resolved in the affirmative.

    Motion agreed to.

    Mr SPEAKER: Order! This being the first occasion during the session upon which the honourable member for Coffs Harbour has been suspended, his suspension will be for two sitting days.

    [The honourable member for Coffs Harbour left the Chamber, accompanied by the Serjeant-at-Arms.]