Indecent Assault Offender Prisoner Sentence

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SpeakersBrogden Mr John; Debus Mr Bob
BusinessQuestions Without Notice

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    Mr BROGDEN: I direct my question to the Attorney General. Why did he intimidate the family of two young girls who suffered aggravated indecent assault at the hands of a sexual predator who escaped with weekend detention by telling the family in a letter dated 31 October that an appeal would require further cross-examination of the girls when that is not necessarily true?

    Mr DEBUS: It is outrageous for the Leader of the Opposition to suggest that I attempted to intimidate anyone. I responded with the greatest of sympathy to the plight of this family.

    Mr Brogden: Of course!

    Mr DEBUS: Of course I did. However, I was honest enough to tell them the truth about the matter, instead of trying to exploit their circumstances as the Leader of the Opposition is doing even today.