Spit Bridge Opening Times

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SpeakersBarr Mr David; Scully Mr Carl
BusinessQuestions Without Notice

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    Mr BARR: I ask a question without notice of the Minister for Transport, and Minister for Roads. When oh when—

    Mr SPEAKER: Order! The Chair cannot hear the question. If members on the Opposition front bench ceased interjecting all members would be able to hear the question. I ask the honourable member for Manly to repeat his question.

    Mr BARR: When oh when is he going to sensibly rationalise the opening times of the Spit Bridge, particularly on weekends?

    Mr SCULLY: It is a difficult balance between water traffic and road traffic. I get a lot of requests from the boating community to increase the number of opening times. Whenever that occurs, there are complaints from those who are represented by a number of people on the other side of the House, including motorists travelling on the bridge. I am happy to have a look at the issue and get back to the honourable member.

    Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the honourable member for Epping to order for the second time. I remind the leader of the National Party that he is on three calls to order.