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SpeakersChikarovski Mrs Kerry; Carr Mr Bob
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    Mrs CHIKAROVSKI: My question is directed to the Premier. Given the Premier's statement that State Rail Authority services are indefensible and inexcusable, why is he wasting an estimated $100,000 on consultants to redesign the CityRail and State Rail Authority logos instead of spending that money on desperately needed maintenance?

    Mr CARR: It has been a big, wonderful, happy day for the Leader of the Opposition because she has been confirmed in the leadership, yet again. I am somewhat tempted to keep this House in permanent session, rather like the National Assembly during the French Revolution, to keep the tumbrels busy. I know that is something she would lament. The Minister for Transport would be happy to address the question asked by the Leader of the Opposition.

    Mr SPEAKER: Order! I place the honourable member for Gosford on two calls to order.

    Mr CARR: I make no apologies for saying that the level of performance of CityRail has been hugely defective. The Leader of the Opposition and her deputy interject. Two days ago the shadow Minister for Transport made comments about the performance of CityRail in respect of station skipping. He was in charge of rail, as chief of staff to Bruce Baird, when, in a draft press release dated 28 November 1990, Bruce Baird came out with a policy "Nothing new in train station skipping". That draft press release was signed off by Barry O'Farrell, Chief of Staff.

    Not to be deterred, the shadow Minister for Transport bobbed up and said, "Too many derailments". The Minister for Transport was quick off the mark and pulled out the figures for derailments when the Deputy Leader of the Opposition was sitting in the office of the then Minister for Transport as the octopus in charge of all branches of policy. Whilst there were 192 derailments in the past year, when the Deputy Leader of the Opposition was running transport in this State as chief of staff to Bruce Baird the number of derailments peaked at 612. Well done, Barry! I have no qualms about saying that CityRail has to lift its performance on behalf of the commuters of this great city. But the last place one would go for advice on how to do it is to the failed man who ran transport policy under Bruce Baird.