Malabar Police Station Downgrade

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SpeakersCollins The Hon Peter; Carr Mr Bob
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Mr COLLINS: Did the Premier intervene last month to prevent the proposed downgrading of his local Malabar police station? When police stations in other areas hit by soaring crime rates have had local police presence cut, how does the Premier justify this preferential treatment in his own backyard?

Mr CARR: St Marys got an increase, so I suppose I will be implicated in that. Regentville, Cabramatta and Macquarie Fields have also had an increase.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! The Premier will answer the question, rather than seek assistance from Government members.

Mr CARR: I give this warning before there are any more interjections. This is a special day in the Parliament, because we have in the gallery students from one of our finest schools, Charlestown East. With the rise in police numbers under my Government, all these areas -


I will continue when you bring the House to order.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! During question time on the past three or four days the Chair expressed concern about the level of interjection, and on two occasions members were removed from the Chamber. Members who interject today will also be removed.

Mr Phillips: On a point of order. Mr Speaker, it is not appropriate for the Premier to direct you to bring this House to order. He absolutely did that. He turned to you, Mr Speaker, and said "when you bring the House to order". That is disrespect to the Chair. You would reject that from the Opposition. You should not take instructions from the Premier.

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Mr SPEAKER: Order! No point of order is involved.

Mr CARR: Police numbers in these areas have been increased, reflecting my policies, my interventions. Is there any reason why gallant little Malabar should be excepted?